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Innovative welfare leads the trend, the company presents a special surprise on the Mid-Autumn Festival

As the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, major companies are preparing for employee benefits. In this festival full of traditional colors, a company’s benefits can often give employees unlimited warmth and a sense of belonging. We spoke with a well-known company known for innovation and employee benefits. Let’s take a look at how they created a different kind of Mid-Autumn Festival benefits for their employees.

In the past, many companies tended to focus their Mid-Autumn Festival benefits on mooncakes, but this year the company decided to innovate. They give their employees a heart-warming surprise in the form of both in-kind gifts and cash benefits. The in-kind gifts include a selection of seafood gift boxes, which not only allow employees to taste high-quality seafood during the festival, but also show the company’s concern for the lives of employees. Cash benefits extend the tentacles of care to every employee, so that they have more choices and freedom in the festival.

In addition to in-kind gifts and cash benefits, the company has also prepared special vacation benefits for employees. Depending on the length of work and position, employees can enjoy 1-3 days of Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, so that employees have more time to spend with their families and enjoy this special holiday.

For many companies, Mid-Autumn Festival benefits can come with a certain amount of financial stress. But the company has solved this problem in a unique way. They chose the Mid-Autumn Festival card, which is convenient and practical. Zhufutong Mid-Autumn Festival card includes hundreds of exquisite gifts for employees to choose from, which not only solves the problem of inconvenient handling of physical gifts, but also realizes the goal of allowing employees to enjoy more choices.

The company’s Mid-Autumn Festival welfare program shows us the company’s care and respect for its employees. Through innovative ways, they bring employees a different kind of Mid-Autumn Festival, so that they feel the warmth and care of the company on this reunion day. Such benefits not only improve employee satisfaction and sense of belonging, but also lay the foundation for the long-term development of the company.

Finally, the company also prepared a variety of team building activities for employees, so that employees in a relaxed and happy atmosphere to spend this wonderful festival. Whether it’s an outing, a picnic or a party, employees can have fun with their colleagues during this special holiday. In addition, the company also prepared a gift for the employees’ families, so that the employees’ families can also feel the care and warmth of the company.

We really appreciate the company’s Mid-Autumn Festival welfare program. Through carefully planned programs, they let employees feel the care and respect of the company during this traditional festival. At the same time, it also makes them more identified with the company’s culture and values, thus strengthening the loyalty and belonging to the company. Such a welfare program is undoubtedly a successful experiment, which can be a good reference for other companies.

In short, a good Mid-Autumn Festival welfare program can not only bring surprises and happiness to employees, but also stimulate employees’ enthusiasm and creativity. This company’s Mid-Autumn Festival welfare program let us see a company’s care for employees and social responsibility. In this festival full of warmth and care, let us jointly look forward to more companies and organizations to join the ranks of caring for employees, to build a more harmonious and beautiful society to contribute their own strength.